Meddah Behçet Mahir’in “Leylâ ve Mecnun” Hikâyesinde Yer Alan Ara Sözler

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  • Hidayet AYDIN


Folk literature, Behçet Mahir, digression.


Products not included in the original text to tell based on the folk literature, the text added by the narrator of the anecdote, legend, proverb, parable, such as excerpts from the written and oral sources, or the beginning of the last events of the narrator is. Such narratives are more
popular types of prose literature. The narrator makes a father or his edasıyla or the beginning of the last events, examples, read some mentions kıssalardan. “Search word” these narratives in the so-called “Meddah Behcet Mahir,” the stories often pass. “Behcet Mahir” almost every story in the “search words” to direct listeners to the stories told by narrator consciously. Events in the main texts from the main text, the narrator edasıyla a saint “Search words” is to reinforce the suggestions to the listener. In our study, “Search word” through the concept “Behcet Mahir” in “Layla and Majnun” review and analysis of the digression in the story will do.




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