Contribution of the art of architectural space photography to tourism

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  • Bedriye ASIMGIL


Tourism, Architectural space, Architectural photograph art


Tourism activities are carried out for sightseeing, sight, rest, entertainment and recognition purposes. Anything can be a issue of tourism. There is an intellectual side to rediscovering life, as well as being perceived as a leisure activity. It is important to promote tourism in order to increase the contribution of the economy, to diversify the activities and to spread it over various periods during the tourism year. In recent years tourism has increasingly been trying to be active through architecture. As in the case of Bilbao, a museum can change the fate of the city. Through
architecture, cities can become brand cities. Tourism has recently begun to become active through architecture. This approach is concurrent approach with the transformation of “architectural space as a tourism subject” into photography art. Old city ruins, famous monuments (glass, churches, open-air theaters, museums, etc.) have always attracted people’s attention. All these potential issues are field of interest of tourism photography. In summary, photographs of architectural works, to give information to those interested in these structures can be used. In other words, photography is a tool for tourism documentation. The basic reference to architectural photography should be this option. In the physical representation environment, architecture has an important function for tourism. Tourism through architectural photography promises us an experimental environment. Tourism is the point of intersection or intersection between architectural culture and popular culture through photography art. Architectural photography and tourism are carried to the physical and cultural areas of architecture. Photography is used extensively in all advertising and marketing activities aimed at increasing tourism. The majority of tourism photographs taken in tourist areas and activities play an important role in determining consumers’ options before the holidays. This study will talk about the planning that should be done before taking photographs of tourism. Comparative examples shaping customer liking and preferences will be given from the architectural photographs that according to the customer’s pleasures and preferences.




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