Vehicle Routing Problem:The Example Of Karatay Municipality, Konya

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  • Muammer ZERENLER
  • Zeynep ERGEN
  • Kazım KARABOĞA


Vehicle routing problem, traveling salesman problem, linear programming


Vehicle routing problems are often seen in current life. The basic problem is that installed suitable capacity of vehicles should reach the centers within the shortest period of time and distance. The distribution network can be improved by solving this problem. With an efficient distribution network provides cost savings to businesses. In addition that business can get some benefit like customer pleasure, quality, competitiveness etc. In this paper we examined distribution network of Folk Bread Factory of Konya Karatay Municipality. In this context 6 sales centers in the first region and 5 sales centers in the second region are taken into account. Linear model was established and this model has been solved with WINQSB Programme. According to the results 20% improvements have been achieved in the first
region and 1% improvement has been achieved in the second region with the new routes.




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